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Sashco Capture Stain



Are water-based products bad?

If by “bad“ you mean poor performing, no. Some water-based coatings (like our Capture Log Stain / Cascade and High Sierra) will perform very well if good surface preparation is done and if they are applied in appropriate weather. On the other hand, it is also true that solvent-based coatings (oil-based stains) are more forgiving when less-than-excellent surface preparation is done and when the weather is not as ideal. Can I apply Cascade by itself?

No. Cascade should not be applied by itself, unless re-coating over Capture Log Stain. Cascade has additives to prevent attack from ultraviolet light, but these additives are not nearly as efficient in protecting the wood surface as the pigments we add to Capture Log Stain.

Can I mix the Cascade and Capture Log Stain?

No, mixing the coatings will reduce the performance of both.

Can I put Capture Log Stain on my deck?

No. Capture Log Stain is formulated to provide the flexibility needed for log movement, and as a result, it is too soft to be put on horizontal wood decks. Capture Log Stain is not formulated to withstand the foot traffic and other extreme conditions on a deck. You can certainly use it on your deck railing system. If you choose to do this, you will want to implement some simple deck design tips (such as drilling weep holes) to help improve longevity.

Can I put High Sierra over Capture Log Stain / Cascade?

Yes. The surfaces need to be clean and sound, with all other appropriate application procedures followed.

Can I put Sashco's Capture / Cascade over High Sierra?

Yes. The surfaces need to be clean and sound, with all other appropriate application procedures followed.

Can I use High Sierra or Capture Log Stain on my interior floors?

In general, no – at least not as the only finish. In order to have sufficient hardness and toughness to handle such abuse as dragging chairs, tables and feet, the best coatings to use are aliphatic (non-yellowing) polyurethane finishes. So, High Sierra or Capture Log Stain could be applied to an interior floor to achieve the desired color and then top-coated with 2 or 3 coats of a good floor-grade, clear polyurethane.

Can I use High Sierra or Capture Log Stain on the interior logs?

Yes, both products may be used on the interior. Both need to be top-coated with Symphony to give the best appearance and give the protection you need on the interior of your home.

Can I use Transformation on the interior of my home?

No. The solvents used can remain very toxic smelling over time so it should not be applied in enclosed spaces. Sashco’s High Sierra and Capture Log Stain are water based products particularly suited for interior use. We recommend top coating High Sierra and Capture Log Stain with Sashco's Symphony.

Can I use Transformation over top of Capture Log Stain or High Sierra?

If the Capture Log Stain Log Stain or High Sierra are in good shape, meaning there are few, if any, areas of bare wood and little discoloration, it is best to stick with what you started with, followed by a coat of Sashco’s Cascade top coat every year or two. If, down the line, one has to completely strip the home down to bare wood, it would then be OK to use Transformation to re-stain. It is not advisable to use an oil-base over top of a water-based coating because most water-based coatings are much more elastic than oil-based stains. As the logs move and breathe, the oil-base stain will be more rigid than the water-based stain and may cause the water-based product to peel under the pressure of being pulled with normal log movement.

Do I have to stain my logs before applying Symphony?

No, you don’t absolutely have to. Many people enjoy the look of the natural logs. However, one should be aware that the underlying wood itself can shift in color over time. If you don’t want to see this shift in color, it would be best to apply a light coat of a compatible stain (like Sashco’s High Sierra or Capture Log Stain) prior to applying Symphony.

Do I have to use Cascade? Will Cascade rejuvenate my existing stain?

Yes when using it in conjunction with the Capture Log Stain Log Stain. Here’s why:

a) The relatively tacky surface of Capture Log Stain, which is due to its elasticity, can pick up lots of dirt without Cascade (which dries a little harder than Capture Log Stain).

b) When Cascade is applied over Capture Log Stain Log Stain, it brings out the “depth” of the stain, enhancing the grain of the wood and providing a soft luster that is very attractive.

c) Cascade provides the majority of the water repellency of the system.

d) Cascade has UV inhibitors that help protect the color of the Capture Log Stain itself, which means that your stain will not darken as much over time. If a reapplication of clear Cascade is done 1-3 years after the initial application, then the overall system can be bolstered, both aesthetically and in endurance. Eventually, just reapplying more Cascade will no longer be sufficient, and at that point more colored Capture Log Stain Log Stain will be required.

When using in conjuction with High Sierra or Transformation stain, you don’t have to use it.

How many coats of Capture Log Stain / Cascade should I use? Why?

On the exterior, one should spray on and back brush in 2 HEAVY coats of Capture Log Stain followed by one heavy coat of Cascade sprayed on with runs brushed out. When the product is applied heavily it is able to build sufficient film thickness to protect the wood and provide several years of good performance. One coat is generally too thin, leading to less durability, which means more frequent re-staining will be necessary.

On the interior, one coat either brushed or sprayed on is sufficient, followed by one to two coats of the Symphony clear coat.

If Capture Log Stain collects a lot of dust on the interior, won’t it do the same on the exterior?

Capture Log Stain alone will remain relatively tacky compared to Capture Log Stain that is also top-coated with Cascade. A coat of Cascade on the exterior, or Symphony on the interior, will greatly reduce or eliminate this problem (plus enhance the overall appearance dramatically).

What are the main differences between your three staining products?

Sashco's stains have many similarities, but the differences include:

a) Basically, a different “look,” which provides more aesthetic choices to the user. Transformation, being oil-based, tends to allow more of the grain to show through, while both Capture Log Stain and High Sierra, being water-based can cover up a bit more of the grain.

b) Capture Log Stain is more flexible than both High Sierra and Transformation.

c) The three stains have different polymers in their formulas.

What fungicides can I use with Sashco's Capture / Cascade?

Sashco’s laboratory has done limited testing of the various commercially available fungicide additives. Many of our customers have had success using such products as “M-1 Additive”, “Stay-Clean I/E”, “Super Mildex”, and “Di-All MC-2.” But, it must be mentioned that Sashco’s fungicide testing is not extensive, and there is always a possibility of color shift or other product incompatibility using additives in combination with Capture Log Stain or Cascade.

What is better about oil based stains than water based stains?

Both oil-based and water-based stains perform very well if the wood is prepped well and is dry. Transformation (Sashco’s oil based stain) is specifically formulated for log home restoration. Here’s why: a homeowner often doesn’t know which stains have been used on the home in the past. In this situation, Transformation stands a much better chance of compatibility than a water-based stain.

For new construction, both water-based and oil-based stains are good choices. There are some people who strongly prefer oil-based stains – perhaps they have more experience with an oil bases, etc. For them, Transformation is an excellent choice for new construction. We have formulated Transformation with one of the highest quality resins available and have loaded it with UV inhibitors. This product is formulated specifically for log homes to accommodate extreme log movement and mountain weather.

For customers who prefer the easier clean up and environmental advantages of a water-based stain, our Capture Log Stain / Cascade system will give superior performance. Like Transformation, Capture Log Stain and the Cascade topcoat are formulated with the highest quality resin and loaded with UV inhibitors to afford excellent performance on log homes.

Remember!! Careful wood preparation (i.e. corncob blasting or thorough power washing) and dry wood check by a moisture meter are CRITICAL to any stain’s performance – oil- or water-based.

What is the best way to apply Sashco stains?

It's best to apply them with an airless sprayer with a Graco 313 or 515 tip (or the equivalent in a different brand). One should spray on and back brush in 2 coats of the stain (High Sierra, Capture Log Stain Log Stain or Transformation), and when using Capture Log Stain Log Stain, it must be followed by 1 coat of the Cascade sprayed on, with any runs being brushed out. Make sure to thoroughly read through the individual product data tec for more detailed information.

NOTE: Cascade can be used over top of High Sierra and Transformation and is especially recommended for maintenance purposes; however, it is only necessary at initial application with Capture Log Stain.

Why is Transformation the stain of choice for rainy, humid climates?

It is generally true that for rainy, humid climates (like the coastal areas of Washington and Oregon), an oil-based stain performs better than water-based stains. The reason is because when log surfaces remain wet for long, sustained periods of time, this unrelenting wetness can have a more negative affect on many water-based resins than oil resins, which are generally much less sensitive to sustained moisture exposure. When the wetness is more intermittent, then water-based stains can often perform as well or even better than oil-based coatings.

Despite this, we have many customers in humid rainy climates that have been very successful using our water-based Capture Log Stain / Cascade stain and our High Sierra stain. As always, excellent surface prep and proper wood moisture content prior to staining is critical.

Will the Cascade flake?

No, generally Cascade will erode and weather off over time rather than flake. The only time you might see flaking or peeling is if there was excess moisture behind the Capture Log Stain and Cascade to begin with, which is now vaporizing, pushing out of the logs and pushing the Capture Log Stain and Cascade off the wood, which gives the appearance of flaking.

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