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Transformation Stain Logo
Transformation Stain



  • High-performance oil-based finish
  • Excellent for restoration work and new construction
  • Beautiful translucent finish
  • Ultra water repellent with extreme UV protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Restoration tested for compatibility over many stains
  • Freeze-thaw stable



RESTORE What Nature Destroyed


When it's time to restore an eroded, failing stain, or if you need to maintain a coating that has lost its luster, remember one word, Transformation.

Better yet, remember two words: Transformation™ Stain. Transformation™ Stain will transform the appearance of your exterior logs and exterior vertical woodwork from dull and lifeless to rich and brilliant - especially for older logs needing restoration. The stain that's easy to remember because its name describes what you want and what it provides, Transformation!

Transformation™ Stain isn't just for restoration.

great On NEW construction,

Transformation™ provides a solid foundation of protection that can actually reduce the frequency of future maintenance, saving you precious time and hard-earned money.
Compared to some of the most popular stains on the market, Transformation out-performed them in color and appearance retention. And since Transformation dramatically improves the appearance of restored wood, can you imagine the beauty of this coating on new logs?

Transformation™ Stain delivers beauty that lasts.

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