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Transformation Siding & Trim
Transformation Siding & Trim



  • No Peel Formula* — easy to maintain
  • Show the Wood Grain — Wood is beautiful. So why hide it?
  • Water Clean-up — easy to apply
  • Matte Finish
  • Superb Color Portfolio
  • Easy Choice- For siding & trim. No confusing names or labels


A Better Way to Stain,

It’s about Transformation: old and weathered wood siding brought to life again, or trim stained with color to create the perfect accent.

These are the results stain was made for, yet rarely do we observe this in the real world. We see our neighbor’s stain peeling or are reluctant to repair our own siding due to its “big project” nature and the hefty price tag.

Contrary to common wisdom, having a great quality stain is only half the battle. The other half is what is neglected the most: routine maintenance. Over time, routine maintenance is truly the key to easy and inexpensive staining.

When applied correctly and maintained every 3-4 years, you can be assured that Transformation Stain® Siding & Trim won’t peel. This eliminates the time and expense of sanding the surface before applying a maintenance coat.

Simply do a light power wash, allow the wood to dry and apply another coat. It’s that easy, and
you’ll find that your “big project” wasn’t so big after all.

Use a quality stain like Transformation Siding& Trim and you’ll transform the look of your wood. Practice routine maintenance and you’ll discover a better way to stain.

  Applewood to Natural
  Bronze Sycamore to Cedar
  Redwood to Redwood
  Honey Timber to Brown Tone Medium
  Natural Cedar to Red Tone Medium
  Woodtone Cedar to Gold Tone Medium
  Tan Pine   Available until 12/31/12
  Pecan   Available until 12/31/12
***Natural Spruce has been discontinued**  


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